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Construction Services Group

Crumbling credit markets, declining real estate development, increasing demand for LEED-certified buildings, and many other factors make this one of the most challenging times to be in the construction business.

But the future is bright – innovation will drive healthy growth for this industry, and having a business advisor who thoroughly understands the past, present and future of construction will give you the edge that means the difference between simply surviving the current downturn – and thriving, full-steam ahead.

Dental Practice Group

Price Kong and Company have served the dental community for over 50 years. Over the last eight years, we have analyzed how CPA’s currently serve the dental community. In 2010 we created the Price Kong—Dental Practice Group, dedicated to:

  • Improve the business of dentistry
  • Determine “Best Practices” associated with the business of dentistry
  • Assist dentists in managing and protecting their practice
  • Utilize CPA’s trained to understand the “Business Profile” of dentistry

Health Care Services Group

The Health Care Industry has certainly been under the microscope recently. The debate may create a certain atmosphere of uncertainty, but certain things remain a constant for your medical practice – your focus on treating and healing patients, keeping the practice running smoothly, and taking care of your family.

Price Kong’s vast experience serving Health Care providers is rooted in our deep belief that when you let us help you manage the business of medicine, you will have more energy to focus on the practice of medicine – ultimately, that is what truly matters.

Small Business Services Group

You want your business to grow. This is just a natural part of every entrepreneur’s dream.

However, today’s entrepreneur is faced with a seemingly insurmountable mountain of challenges – cash flow concerns, tax planning questions, regulatory roadblocks, financing issues, not to mention the current economic atmosphere that has put a damper on many businesses nationwide.

Price Kong believes in the entrepreneurial spirit of small business. We will certainly help you navigate the challenges. But more importantly, we want to help you thrive and grow even when times are tough.

What Our Clients Say


Client since 2002

It’s been very helpful to tap into Price Kong’s large, international network of accounting firms. They are able to connect us with quality people in other locations to help us with things like setting up business in other states and countries.

Sam Napolitano

Hunter Contracting Co.


Client since 2003

One thing that has made a difference to me is that the people at Price Kong are easy to get in touch with. They answer emails and voice mail right away, and I don’t have to go through a filter to talk with my accountant. They are happy to collaborate with our other consultants and operate as part of our business team

Jane Waldron

Waldrons Farm


Client since 1993

Price Kong was instrumental in helping us set up our business. They had us up and running in less than two weeks, served as mentors on all the aspects of running a business – payroll, bookkeeping, workman’s comp, even where to get best deals on office supplies. They treat us like family and will go to battle for you.

Aletta Bobik

Bobik & Associates